Karting for schools

Designed for schools, associations and camps, a pack designed to introduce road safety education to young people.

Package of activities that we offer, in which we include an introduction of the student to road safety education, trying to raise awareness of the importance of respecting traffic rules, practicing a series of activities in maximum safety conditions, which, in addition to training the student, contribute to stimulating their self-esteem.

Advantages for the student of visiting the RACING DAKART Recreational Area:

  1. Student awareness of traffic rules.
  2. Maximum student satisfaction when practicing recreational activities in a extraordinary natural environment.
  3. Advantageous development of the student’s self-esteem by seeing themselves capable of driving a kart by themselves.

There is a study done by the D.G.T. which confirms that more than 80% of the accidents that occur among young people between 18 and 20 years old could be avoided if they had practiced karting as children; and this is based on the fact that they react much better to unforeseen events, learning to control the vehicle in extreme conditions, in facilities that meet the maximum safety guarantees.To make a reservation for these services, Please notify us at least one week before the event.

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To reserve these services, please notify us at least one week before the event.

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